Pathe-Magazine Revue Universelle des Sciences, Arts, Industries, Voyages, & Sports, No. 13

Title: Pathe-Magazine Revue Universelle des Sciences, Arts, Industries, Voyages, & Sports, No. 13
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Pathe-Magazine, Universal Magazine of the Sciences, Arts, Industry, Travel, and Sports, No. 13
Industry. The fabrication of brass wire. The copper undergoes ingot casting. The copper ingots are then laminated. The obtained plaque is then carved to obtain a large cable. The brass wires are passed through spinnerets that are more and more thin … and then across a diamond which gives them their final thickness. The brass wire is sold in rolls. Travel. Honfleur. Founded in 1066. The town offers a pleasant and picturesque view. Some remnants are still standing. The lieutenance, a mansion from the 16th century, former residence of the King's Lieutenant. The old lake constructed under the reign of Louis XIV by Duquesne. The main attraction is the St Catherine Church, constructed entirely of wood by the ship carpenters during the 15th century. Some fishermen. A corner of the port. The chapel, Notre Dame de Grace, constructed in 1660, destination of numerous pilgrimages. The Criqueboeuf church dating from the 11th century. New inventions. Clearing land is now done by means of perfected steam powered shovels. One shovel lifts two tons of earth in one motion and can fill a dump truck in one stroke. Physics experiment. A small fountain made from a bottle. With a solution of camphor and oil of turpentine, rub the location that will be pierced. With the same solution, wet an awl and frost the glass. Take a brace equipped with an ordinary bit and pierce the bottle, a step as easy as if the bottle consisted of a piece of wood. With the awl, even out the edges of the opening. Fit a tap and your fountain is ready for use. Pathe-baby interviews Mrs. Curie, illustrious colleague of the celebrated physician Pierre Curie. Pierre Curie, her husband with whom it's been 25 years since she signed the announcement to the Academy declaring the discovery of radium. Pierre Curie now deceased, Mrs. Curie carries on the work that they started in collaboration. A piece of the mineral pitchblend containing bromide of radium. The capsule presented by the technician contains around 20 centigrams of radium bromide extracted from one ton of minerals contained in the bags. This fragment of radium bromide, much smaller than it seems, is swollen here by fluorescence. The Curie Institute, established both for pure scientific research and for the treatment of cancer and related afflictions through radium. Mrs. Curie works tirelessly, devoting all of her time to the service of science. Zoology. An interesting variety of frog. This frog carries the eggs laid by the female. He attaches them to his thighs. The jelly in which these eggs are enveloped join into two long cords tying them to his thighs. When instinct alerts him that the time has come, he drops his precious cargo into a pond. The egg envelope detaches and from it comes tadpoles similar to those of other frogs. Ask Pathe-baby agents to show you Pathe-Gazette. Pathe- Gazette, live journal of news from the whole world served to you at your home for a modest price. Subscription rates for France (one film every 15 days). One year … 130 francs. Six months … 70 francs (postal check or money order.)
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