Pathe-Magazine Revue Universelle des Sciences, Arts, Industries, Voyages, & Sports, No. 14

Title: Pathe-Magazine Revue Universelle des Sciences, Arts, Industries, Voyages, & Sports, No. 14
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Pathe-Magazine, Universal Magazine of the Sciences, Arts, Industry, Travel, and Sports, No. 14
Travel. The Sables d' Olonne. The beach, one of the most beautiful in France, stretches out over almost two kilometers. It is one of the most important fishing ports of the Atlantic. The fish arrive in abundance daily. The Sablese wear a unique hairstyle. At the end of the beach, a superb pine forest stretches out all the way to the beach. Hell's Bridge, a vast excavation in the rocks. On bad weather days, the waves rush there with a frightening noise. Artistic wonders. Furniture from our national museums. Pierre Migeon constructed this desk out of marquetry for Mrs. Pompadour. This convenient style of a rounded profile is pure fashion. A console that is a certified masterpiece. Louis XV's desk is a cabinet-making and marquetry marvel made by Oében and Risner. Zoology. The Ostrich, although it originates from the desert, is not as wild as one would imagine. It can be mounted like a horse. Some of them are trained with more difficulty than others. Gastrology. The preparation of 5,000 lunches in a novelty department store. Gas grills are used for cooking the meat. Each grill can cook 150 steaks. Peeling the potatoes is done mechanically. They are cut by a special machine. A batch of potato fries. Then the prepared plates are brought all the way up to the dining area by elevator. Pathe-baby interviews Jean Rameau, French poet and novelist born in Gaas (Landes) in 1859. A bust of Jean Rameau by Denys Puech. Jean Rameau writes works that bear witness to a remarkable talent. "Apollo, God of Light guided the Muses. He must guide cinematography, that other daughter of the Light" Jean Rameau. He is the author of "More than Love", "The Happiness of Christiane", " The High Lyre", "The Unforgettable", etc. His poems and novels contain beautiful descriptions of scenes from Landes and the Pyreneens. A great admirer of nature, he excels at describing it. Botany. Cyclamens. A genre of plant from the primulacae family. The flower has a calyx divided into 5 parts, a corolla with five petals, upright towards the sky, bent toward themselves, and 5 stamens. Cyclamens are one of many species that grow along the perimeter of the Mediterranean Sea. Cyclamens are remarkable because of the beauty of the flower and because of this they are widely found in leisure gardens. Subscribe to Pathe-Gazette, live journal of the whole world at the Pathe-Baby agents. Subscription rates for France (one film every 15 days). One year … 130 francs. Six months … 70 francs (postal check or money order).
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