Pathe-Magazine Revue Universelle des Sciences, Arts, Industries, Voyages, & Sports, No. 18

Title: Pathe-Magazine Revue Universelle des Sciences, Arts, Industries, Voyages, & Sports, No. 18
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Pathe-Magazine, Universal Magazine of the Sciences, Arts, Industry, Travel, and Sports, No. 18
Botany. The orchids. Family of monocotyledon plants. These plants are remarkable for their beauty and certainly for the strange and varied forms that their flowers can take. Orchids are greatly appreciated as decorative plants. Industry. The making of tennis balls at the Nanterre factories of the French company Spalding. The rubber mixture passes through a sieve to obtain the sections that will form the two hemispheres of the ball. The sections are molded. The edges are ground in order to obtain a bevel that can be glued. The two sections are then out into a mold to inflate them under pressure. The mold is placed in a special machine where the inflation occurs. Once the desired pressure is obtained, the mold is removed while still closed to be sent to the autoclave where the welding of the two sections of the ball will take place. The mold is removed from the autoclave … and opened. The balls are soaked in a dissolution to allow the marker that must cover them to stick. All the balls made in this way are of the same weight, the same diameter, and the same bounce. Travel. Bort. A beautiful site in the Auvergne well-known among geologists and tourists. The basaltic rocks, called the Organs of Bort because of their shape reminiscent of organ pipes, dominate the city. The Bortese wear the style of dress and hair dear to the inhabitants of the Auvergne. Choreography. Burmese dance. The appeal of this dance rests in the suppleness of the movements and the originality of the costume of the dancer. The dancer covers her face with a mask. The hand movements replace the lack of facial expression. Ways and customs. Horse training in California. Cinema in slow motion shows us the difficulty encountered by cowboys to remain on their passionate mounts. Despite their great skill, these consummate cavaliers are sometimes thrown.
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