Pathe-Magazine Revue Universelle des Sciences, Arts, Industries, Voyages, & Sports, No. 19

Title: Pathe-Magazine Revue Universelle des Sciences, Arts, Industries, Voyages, & Sports, No. 19
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Pathe-Magazine, Universal Magazine of the Sciences, Arts, Industry, Travel, and Sports, No. 19
Zoology. Bison. These animals live in huge herds. These ruminants, which used to be found throughout the United States, no longer exist outside of the territories of the Missouri. The bison is an animal with a wild nature and unbelievable muscular strength. Vaux de Cernay Abbey. Constructed in the 12th century for the monks of Savigny. Its ruins were restored and transformed into a castle. The door of the hamlet on the route of the Vaux. The ruins of the church remain standing … as do those of the cloisters. The ruins of the great dormitory. The renaissance-style Fountain of St. Thibault where, according to legend, St. Louis and the White Queen came to quench their thirst. Acrobatics. Defying death, a bold acrobat executes his moves at the height of one of the tallest houses in New York. New Inventions. The milking machine. Certain breeders have implemented mechanical milking in place of milking by hand. The machine consists of a rubber tube tipped by four milkers and a milk receptacle. The milkers are put in place. The machine is plugged in via a tube that travels to the motor. The motor activates a vacuum pump. The milking has begun. The milk goes directly into the recipient without coming into contact with air. Pathe-baby interviews the sculptor Segoffin, professor at the school of fine arts, 1st grand prize winner of Rome, first class medal recipient in 1905. Some of his works: a bust of Harpignies. A bust of Guinet. The Weather and the Genius, a monument erected in the courtyard of the Louvre. The Tomb of Felix Ziem at the Pere Lachaise cemetery. He is working, at the moment, in his workshop on a monument of Victory destined for The Polytechnic School. Ways and customs. Fetish sacrifice in Upper Volta. The fetishists are assembled before the house of their king. The fetish they worship is made of tree roots. On the sacred hatchet the fetish chief spills milk water. Then he slits the throats of some white hens over the hatchet. The sacrifice now completed, the fetishists take away the sacred hatchets which they guard religiously.
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