Pathe-Magazine Revue Universelle des Sciences, Arts, Industries, Voyages, & Sports, No. 34

Title: Pathe-Magazine Revue Universelle des Sciences, Arts, Industries, Voyages, & Sports, No. 34
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Pathe-Magazine, Universal Magazine of the Sciences, Arts, Industry, Travel, and Sports, No. 34
A curious city in Perche: Sees. Ancient Gallo-Roman city of Orne, Sees has a remarkable cathedral. The façade is dominated by two high spires, light and gracious. In the interior, admirable columns from the 13th century. The original portrait. Here is the old manor of Clairey, a few kilometres away from Sees. Surrounding Sees, we notice the beautiful castle of Oo. The façade and porch date from the 15th century. Industry. Cheese from Cantal. The milk is used on location to make the cheese known as Fourme. Cantal makes 350,000 kilograms annually. After the skimming of the milk, the pressurized cream makes a dry paste which is milled… salted… mixed… then put in molds. After several days drying in a cave, it is ready to be consumed. The whey is the delight of the young boarders. Choreography. Very few dancers can match in suppleness and grace Miss Jessica Brow during her choreographed frolics. Here are a few leg movements slowed down tenfold. Moroccan visions. The street of basket-weavers in Marrakech. Reed is used for all works of basket-making. A cage for hens. Zoology. The northern crested newt. Of the batracian urodele genre, brown and green with black marks, common in stillwater, the northern crested newt reaches a length of 12 to 13 centimeters. The female, when it is time to lay eggs, rolls up the leaf of an aquatic plant and deposits her eggs inside the resulting cone. After about ten days, the larva are moving inside the eggs. The hatching.
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