La Chameau

Title: La Chameau
Translated Title: 
The Camel
A young camel ignores the fatigue of long travels. To complete a voyage in the desert, the camel is fed with kernels of dates. It has its provision of water which allows it to last 8 to 10 days without drinking. For the voyage, it is loaded with its share of baggage that can weigh 300 to 400 kilos. The caravan is ready for the departure. Through the imensity of burnt sand. The stop at an oasis. Other natives take equal hours of rest during the strong heat. The camels appreciate the blessed vegetation that grows in this place. A thorny cactus, what a delight!!! As soon as the sun descends toward the horizon, it resumes its course. The Arabs consider the camel as a present from the heavens, a sacred animal, without whose helop they could not live, nor trade, nor travel. (Buffon)
Series Title: 
Vaisseau du Desert
Translated Series Title: 
Ship of the Desert
Series Subtitle: 
Ship of the Desert