La sève poilifère (Lortac)

Title: La sève poilifère (Lortac)
Translated Title: 
The Hair-Growing Sap
The Inventions of Mecanicas: The Hair-growing Sap. Cartoons by Mr. R. Lortac. Mecanicas, the scientist, "made up his hair" too much. His forehead appears to be bigger. As he despairs, he tries different lotions…But these lotions made his problem worse. Then, He wears a wig. But the malicious wind blows the wig away…Now he can catch a cold easier. To get off the hook, the brilliant inventor researches alone, for a savior remedy. He creates a mixture that can grow hair on a cue ball, and on a banister rail! Thanks to this famous product that he created so quickly, his hair was revived and the former bald man smiled!!! One morning, a mischievous boy steals his precious product and runs off with it. The child approaches a woman with a marble face of brunette beauty fit for a bearded lady. En route, full of mischief, he sees a stallion. With the smooth hair, he makes an Absalon. As he is about to be caught, the child, siezed with fear, becomes, thanks to the product, bearded like a chimney. He dodges without making a noise and returns to his mother's house…But, Oh bitter pain! She flees at the sight of him. As for the dvilish boy, to cut his black hair he had to - this is true - buy a razor!!! The End.