Pathe-Magazine, No. 44

Title: Pathe-Magazine, No. 44
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Pathe-Magazine No. 44
Universal Review of the Sciences, Arts, Industries, Travels and Sports presented by Pathé-Baby. Guadeloupe: near Point-à-Pitre. The path of "Small Abysses" leads to beautiful sites. The Royal Palms in the alleys of Dumanoir à Capesterre. The "Village of Banana trees." Dolé with its hot baths, is a very popular climacteric station. Oyster Farming: the oysters of Marennes (Charente). Each year, the breeders plant sticks in the mud, and after a few months, they collect a chapelet of little oysters. These oysters are disposed in "clears" in order to fatten. After a few months, we procede to the sorting…and then washing, after which the oysters can be supplied for consumption. Savant animals. A trained elephant. Walking while balancing on bottles. And backwards. A little music. Industry: Ice Manufacturing. Containers made of metal, often called molds, are filled with water from a battery of faucets. These moulds are immersed in tank containing brine. At contact with ammonia gas supplied by a presser. The freezing of the water in the molds is complete after a few minutes. To unmold the ice blocks, they just dip the molds in hot water. An Original Sport: at running Backwards. Englishman Billy Robinson claims to be the fastest man in the world while running backwards. The race captured in slow motion.
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