Pathe-Magazine, No. 46

Title: Pathe-Magazine, No. 46
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Pathe Magaizine No. 46
Universal Review of the Sciences, Arts, Industries, Travels and Sports presented by Pathé-Baby. Trip to Normandy. Lisieux, (Calvados). The church of Saint-Peter, old cathedral. Street to Fèvres, according to the Blacksmiths, it is one of the oldest streets in the city. A few wooden houses. Carmel, where Sister Marie-Therese lived with baby Jesus. It was from this modest sanctuary that the prayer of the believers rises to the modern Saint. Bred Dogs: bull dogs. The breed of bulldogs, particularly in England, is one of the oldest known races. These dogs always give off the impression of power and meanness. This often times award-winning dog is the symbol of strength. Life in Morocco: Native Culture. In these arid regions water is more valuable than a piece of gold. Most water is pulled from shallow wells with the help of water wheels. It is distributed to the gardans through irrigation canals. The grace of Allah multiplied the crops that the farmers will carry to the city nexts. Natural Science. Hair; how it starts, how it dies through baldness. Epidermis. Dermis. Under the epidermis, a bud grows down to the dermis and gives birth to hair. Bud, Dermis. This bud develops…the papilla is created, containing blood vessells and nerves. The bulb is formed. The hair grows. Buld, hair. Sliding between the sebaceous glands, the hair packs into the smooth protective sebum and that these glands secrete. Sebaceous glands. A microbe (discovered by Sabouraud),fascilitated by the sebum and the perspiration, multiplies, becoming a Sebaceous gland. Under this action the secretion of sebun is amplified (sebaceous)…the attacked hair withers and dies, this is baldness. Acrobatic Dancers: Flexibility exercises among dancers. To be a dancer, one's body must be subjected to severe training. All of these exercises are repeated with sustained attention. Repition, major differences, all of these movements are used to conserve flexibility. After 4 or 5 years of practice, the girls can take the stage.
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