Paris en cinq jours 2e chap. (Hyménée) 10

Title: Paris en cinq jours 2e chap. (Hyménée) 10
Translated Title: 
Paris in Five Days 2nd Chapter (Hyménée) 10
Harry tells others about his trip. Well there you are… Paris is a superb city, but a little strange. Which hotel did you stay at? At the Hotel of the City Palace (City Hall-Palace) ! But no, look… Have you seen the Mona Lisa? No! But I had just enough time to see the framework! And the Eiffel Tower? The Eiffel Tower? … It was rather curious! They told me there was only one, and… I saw two! And you were well received? Like a king! The policemen that must've had a special attachment to me, did not cease to take care of me! Ah Paris! I will return there…
Series Title: 
Paris en cinq jours
Translated Series Title: 
Paris in Five Days
Series Subtitle: 
Paris in Five Days