Musée Océanographique de Monaco n.1

Title: Musée Océanographique de Monaco n.1
Translated Title: 
Oceanographic Museum of Monaco No. 1
The basement of the Museum is reserved for aquariums where the strangest animals of the sea frolic. The Bassin of marine turtles. Fish from the family of the Ctenilabres. He Blennius Ocelaris. For those who like the Bouillabaisse: the Rascasses. Egg of a sea dog. Inside of it, you can see the embryo move. Seahorses. Lobsters. A small swimming lobster three centimeters in length, of the species Alpheus. Shrimp. Spiders of the sea. Crabes of the Inachus and Stenorunchus families. The Calapaa Granulata is an interesting crab with a spherical shape..It lives in the sand..and feasts on the oppurtunity of a dead fish. Young Sieches come from birth. The sea slug, Doris, that crawls on the windows of the aquarium. Watch the end on part 2.
Series Title: 
Musée Océanographique de Monaco
Translated Series Title: 
Oceanographic Museum of Monaco
Series Subtitle: 
Oceanographic Museum of Monaco