Musée Océanographique de Monaco. Les collections

Title: Musée Océanographique de Monaco. Les collections
Translated Title: 
Oceanographic Museum of Monaco. The collections.
The Oceanographic institute, founded by S.A.S. Albert 1st Prince of Monaco, member of the institute of France. I give this as an Ark of the Covenant to scientists of all countries - Albert the 1st. The vestibule. Fauna and Flora of the oceans take their shape and their colors for decoration. The chandelier is a jellyfish Rhopilema Frida de Haeckel. The East Room: Zoological Oceanography. This room is dedicated to all of the Prince's collections, throughout the course of his expiditions. The giant crabs of Japan; Macrocheria Koempferi. Some rare specimens of the greatest depths. A jellyfish that lives at one thousand meters under the sea. L'Atolla Bairdi de Fukes. Two urchins found at eight hundred meters, off the Azores; Dorocidaires Papillata de Leske. Les Cephalopodes Galiteuthis Armata and Entomopsis Principae de Joubin, qui vivent 3,000 and 5,000 meters of depth. The octopus Cirroteuthis Umdelatta de Fischer, hunted at 4,300 meters beneath the surface. The Polycheles Dubious de Bouvier, crustations of the Azores (700 m. below). Les Caulolepis Longidens de Gill, a big eater, hunted up to 5,000 meters under water. The fish that descends the deepest: the Grimaldichthys Profondissimus de Roule, that the Prince caught at 6,035 meters beneath the surface. The conference room. By entering the 1st floor, we first see the reconstruction of the laboratory installed by the Prince aboard the "Princess Alice II"… Next the room of Physical and Instrumental Oceanography, where the one would find the assembled instruments that enable one to study life beneath the sea. The Trihedral fish trap that fishes up to 6,000 meters deep. These models of drawn nets catch Plankton. Doctor Richard's net. Drunken Net. The reserved room of industry and art of the sea."The Goddess of the sea offers her riches to the Prince." A monument showing the people's gratitude to the Prince of Monaco.
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Musée Océanographique de Monaco
Translated Series Title: 
Oceanographic Museum of Monaco
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Oceanographic Museum of Monaco