La pieuvre

Title: La pieuvre
Translated Title: 
The Octopus
Here is a fisherman searching for octopus in the crevices of Rocheurs. (Mediterranean Coast). He catches one and throws it back into the water. Here is the octopus. Note the head with two large eyes and the eight tentacles or arms. The body is locked in a type of protective sac: the coat. With sudden contractions of this coat the octopus swims. See how it moves, the sac in front and the tentacles in the back. The octopus breathes with gills placed between its body and its coating. Note the funnel by the animal that rejects water. The tentacles are equipped with suction cups…By means of which the animal is stationary securely. Thes cups are not suckers. Hidden in the rocks, the octupus awaits its prey. Here is the closed eye of the octopus. The tentacles capture the prey, the cups stick to it and hold it. The octopus immobilizes its prey and cuts it with its powerful beak.