L'Oasis de Temassine

Title: L'Oasis de Temassine
Translated Title: 
The Temassine Oasis
Temassine is a small town built on a palm grove located 12 kilometers away from Touggourt. The ramparts are built using dry mud framed by palm tree trunks. The roads look like deep trenches carved in reddish clay. The Zawiyah of Tomellath, a major institution of the Tidjania order, is one of the most influential religious groups in Muslim Africa. In the south, we find the territories of the caravans. Both men and animals meticulously follow a set itinerary, looking forward to the next water stop, where they will set camp. They never deviate from this itinerary because otherwise their lives are at risk. They find a well, near which the caravan will camp for the night.
Translated Series Title: 
The Temassine Oasis