Venise - La Perle d'Adriatique - Ses Canaux

Title: Venise - La Perle d'Adriatique - Ses Canaux
Translated Title: 
Venice - The Perle of the Adriatic Sea - Its Canals
The gondolas paint their graceful silhouettes under the serenity of the sky. Images of the Ponte di Rialto (Rialto Bridge). Many palaces, homes of ancient aristocrats, border the Grand Canal. Images of the Palozza Canal which flows between the prison and the tribunal. Images of the Bridge of Signs (Ponte dei Sospiri), which appears to be a "cenotaph" suspended over water. A gondola, minuscule image of Venice, Thin and black like a bird. (A. Daudet) Old canals, old palace and old bridges on the dead water. (A. Daudet) And the antique palaces, and the grave doors and the white staircases, of the knights. (Alfred de Musset) In Venice the red, not a boat that moves (Alfred de Musset). Silent, des gondola slides on the water with stained reflections. (Alfred de Musset) Superb roofs, cold monuments, Golden shroud on bones. Here lies Venice (Alfred de Musset)
Series Title: 
Venise - La Perle d'Adriatique
Translated Series Title: 
Venice - The Pearl of the Adriatic Sea
Series Subtitle: 
Venice - The Perle of the Adriatic Sea