En Espagne - Tolède

Title: En Espagne - Tolède
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In Spain - Toledo
Toledo is a city of 23,000 inhabitants (once upon a time, it had 200,000 inhabitants), located on the banks of the Tagus River. The ancient dungeon of Alcazar rises under the sun and within the wind overlooking the ravine. Most of the streets are inaccessible to cars. The baker brings bread on the backs of horses. Images of "Puerta del Sol" (The Door of Sun) - - a masterpiece of Moorish architecture built at the end of the thirteenth century. The cathedral is the heart and the jewel of Toledo. Its construction lasted from 1227 to 1493. The Plaza de Zocodover is the town center. People wait for their turn at the fountain, and the narrow streets are some of the most picturesque scenes. Images of the Santa Cruz Hospital, the courtyard of the Posada de la Sangre (home of Cervantes), the St. Martin bridge, the Bath of Cava, the vendors of water and pottery, and the Fort of San Fernando built by Alphonse VI, conqueror of Toledo. Toledo was one of the important cities of the Iberian Peninsula in the 16th century.
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