Title: Rome
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View of the Tibre River, the Castel Sant'Angelo, and Basilica of Saint Peter. Castel Sant'Angelo was built in 136 by Hadrian to serve as a tomb for Roman emperors. Images of the Basilica of Saint Peter and plaza. View of the Roman Forum, which once served as a gathering place for Romans. The remains the Temple of Vespasien. The Romans, through their mastery of the art of sculpture, relayed to future generations the image and harmony of perfect beauty. The Arch of Constantine was erected in honor of the this emperor's numerous successes. The Colosseum, the largest construction from the Roman period, was started by Vespasien in 72 A.D. Majestic chariot races took place in this immense edifice. Various images of the Forum. Rome, eternal city! Your glory will always live through your ruins.