Le Lac Majeur et les Îles Borromées

Title: Le Lac Majeur et les Îles Borromées
Translated Title: 
Lake Maggiore and the Borromean Islands
From the terraces of Pallanza (one of the cities on the shores of Lake Maggiore), we can discover the heart of the Borromean Islands. Isola Madre (Mother Island, one of the islands on the lake) had about 300 inhabitants, almost all of whom were fishers. Isola Bella was originally only a barren rock, but in the 17th century, Count Borromeo transformed it by bringing soil onto the island, a rather expensive endeavor. The island is named after his wife, Countess Isabella Borromeo. The Lake Maggiore region has a varied landscape, ranging from the solemn Alps to much gentler beauties. The village of Garda is surrounded by a fortress that dates back to the Middle Ages, built on the Rocca hill.