Paysages Espagnols

Title: Paysages Espagnols
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Spanish Landscape
Cordoba. From the roman bridge, we can see the Guadalquivir. At the entrance of the roman bridge there is a Triumph arch. In the region of Cordoba are breedings of bulls and horses. An ass feeding its progeny. Views of the Roman Bridge in the Cordoba region. The Patio de los Naranjos, "place of the oranges", is ornamented with five fountains. Elche, known for its 80,000 palm trees, reminds us of the African landscape. La Huerta de Valence is framed by irrigation canals. Image of a noria, a hydraulic machine. Images of gypsy women. Majoresque is the biggest of the Baleares Islands; its capital city is Palma. The Valdema Castle (14th century) is where George Sand and Chopin stayed during their trip in 1838. High cliffs surround the island. Soller is the second biggest city of Majoresque. The inhabitants of Soller sell in France their harvest. Images of the island at sunrise.