Préparation du vin de Champagne

Title: Préparation du vin de Champagne
Translated Title: 
Preparation of Champagne Wine
Champagne wine is prepared with white wine of different vintages from the regions of Reims and Epernay. After having been extracted, the musts are mixed according to their provenance and quality. When they become sufficiently clear, the wine is bottled in thick glass bottles. The filling of the bottles is a very fast process. The bottles are piled together for two, three or four years and the bottles are then placed on slanted "shelves" with the neck of the bottle facing downwards. The bottles have to be turned regularly. When each bottle is opened, the cork jumps and impurities are pushed out by the gas pressure inside. To make the wine sparkle, we add a sugar mixture, "liquor", to the alcohol. The quantity of liquor added depends on whether we want a semi-dry, dry, or extra-dry champagne. The fermented sugar produces additional carbon dioxide that stays in the liquid. We wrap the cork with strings, and commonly fix it with claw wire. Then the bottles are placed in cellars and frequently inspected. When the production of carbonic acid is over, the bottles are capped with tin foil. The only remaining step is to put on the label.