Title: Versailles
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In the time of Louis XIII, Versailles was a cute little brick and stone castle. In 1664, Louis XIV started the first transformations. In 1674, under the direction of Le Vau, the castle's expansion began. The construction continued for another half a century, during which Mansart turned it into the most beautiful castle in the world. The Castle of Versailles as seen today has a central edifice called "Cour Royale". It is on the second floor balcony of this building that Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette confronted the angry French people on October 6, 1789. The Staircase of the Queen is the breakthrough point of the people's invasion of the palace that night. Images of the interior of the castle with its innumerable rooms, including the room where the Treaty of Versailles was signed in 1919. Images of the kitchen where Louis XVI used to bake cookies, and jewelry stand of Marie Antoinette. Images of furniture pieces inside the castle. In the garden, we see the Temple of Love. In 1783, Marie-Antoinette ordered the construction of a hamlet with a mill that turns with the current of the river, and a creamery where the Queen used to prepare butter herself. Images of the royal coaches. Images of the beautiful gardens designed by LeNôtre.