Title: Rocamadour
Translated Title: 
Interestingly built on the almost abrupt flank of Causse, Rocamadour is sheltered by the rock as if it were behind a shield. The ancient palace of Évêque de Tulle. The castle and the monastery; the miracle chapel; the chest of the legendary lock; Roland's sword; the cross of Jerusalem; the tomb of Saint-Amadour. A day of pilgrimage at Rocamadour. Several castles of Quercy: Castle of Montal (1525), and towers of Saint-Laurent (12th and 14th centuries); Castle of Castelnau and Castle of Bretenous, built at the end of the 11th century. The Carennac Abbey (1075) where Fénelon used to pray, and the island of Calypso where Telemachus is said to have been conceived. Images of Causse at sunrise.