Les Causses: une Région Cyclopéene

Title: Les Causses: une Région Cyclopéene
Translated Title: 
The Causses: a Cyclopean Region
Mount Aigoual (1,567 meters) embraces a panoramic view of the Rhone Valley, the Mediterranean and the Pyrénées-Orientales. Old houses, old roofs and many remains of history bear witness to the region's past struggles. Montpeillier-le-Vieux is not an inhabited region, but a place covered with strange rocks, giving the impression of a fantasy land. Sculpted by time, the rock takes on the form of a series of endless colonnades. Amidst these solitary rocks, the Castle of Altier appears to be a vision from a fairytale. The town of Hauterive is built on the banks of the Tarn River. The Causse is the place of legends and popular imagination; it is home to many ghost stories and mysterious caves.