Documentaires. Une vallée alpestre

Title: Documentaires. Une vallée alpestre
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Documentaries. An Alpine Valley.
Pathe baby Scholastic: A High Alpine Valley (Lauterbrunen and Murren). Glaciers slide slowly, wearing out their banks and their sides, and thus excavate deep valleys. These valleys are in the form of a U; secondary valleys are ound cut off and suspended at a certain height. The Valley of Lauterbrunnen (Bernese Alps): legnth, 19km, average width 1,200m. Waters fall in cascades from secondary valleys; the Staubbach begins in the Valley of Lauterbrunnen. Lauterbrunnen: altitude: 757m. A swiss chalet, low, with a roof loaded with stone. From Lauterbrunnen to Murren: a funicular climbs above Lauterbrunnen. Across a forest of firs, the mountain railway leads to Murren. The pastures. Herds scatter along the slopes. En route to the trip. At Murren, altitude 1,630m., one can admire one of the most impressive views of the Bernese Alps (Jungfrau: 4167m.). END.
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