L'Ascencion du Mont Blanc

Title: L'Ascencion du Mont Blanc
Translated Title: 
Climbing Mont Blanc
Climbing Mont Blanc: an excursion in four stages; stage 1: from Chamonix to Rerre-Pointue; detours, fatigue, and difficulty make the march to the summit long. The meeting place is at the foot of a statue of Saussure, the first scholar to reach the summit, in 1787, goided by Jacques Balma. Guides elad the little caravan. Soon the tourists encounter the last flocks of goats that venture in the mountains. Approaching the glaciers requires everyone to use skates, to avoid dangerous slides. The first dangerous passages were reached. Miserable is he who is caught in an avalanche. The admirer of nature can already satisfy his eye with the sights on offer. Arriving at "Pierre-Pointue" the tourists can contemplate the valley of Chamonix. A good meal, dominated by honest cheerfulness, bring the first stage to a close. See the second stage: from Pierre-Pointue to Grands Mulets.
Translated Series Title: 
Climbing Mont Blanc