L'Ascencion du Mont Blanc

Title: L'Ascencion du Mont Blanc
Translated Title: 
Climbing Mont Blanc
Climbing Mont Blanc (continuation; third stage): from Grands Mulets to the Vallot observatory; during the break the guides and a few foolhardy tourists climbed some needles. From this vantage point a marvelous panorama presents itself to their view. Leaving this bizarre shapes of cliffs, the caravan continues its journey. It resumes contact with the permafrost. The intrepid excursion crosses deep crevices. Soon they reach, at 3,800m., the glacier of Bossons. Snowy slopes called " the little rises" lead to the region of plateaus. … then they reach the refuge of Vallot (4,442 m.). Watch stage 4: towards the summit.
Translated Series Title: 
Climbing Mont Blanc