L'Ascencion du Mont Blanc

Title: L'Ascencion du Mont Blanc
Translated Title: 
Climbing Mont Blanc
Climbing Mont Blanc (continuation and conclusion): Toward the summit; glaciers follow even more glaciers. Then appears "the hump of the camel" at 4,592m. "The bad ridge" (4,700m. Marks the border between France and Italy. It takes an hour to cross the next 150 meters and reach the summit. One has to mount a nearly vertical ramp, where the guides' ax must carve scales. The Janssen observatory on the summit. The summit (4810m.) is a long ridge running from east to west. There the tourist attends a spectacular show; a magnificent panorama unrolls in front of his eyes. "Mont Blanc is the tallest summit in the world which man may reach" - Benedict de Saussure.
Translated Series Title: 
Climbing Mont Blanc