Documentaires. Ploumanach.

Title: Documentaires. Ploumanach.
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Documentaries. Ploumanach.
Ploumanach, in Brittany, a little hamlet of the Commune of Perros-Guirac, is built close to the sea. The inhabitants preserve their ancient embroidered costume and cap of lace. An old salt. A 13th century chapel, dedicated to Saint-Guirre, patron saint of Perros. A curious rock - - the Hat of Napoléon. Return of the fishing barks to the port. Ploumanach is celebrated for the chaos of rocks all the way to Tregastel. These rocks seem to be in equilibrium like giant loose stones. Sometimes they overhang such that it seems they might roll over into the sea. These blocks of Porphry covered with yellow kelp make a striking contrast with the sea. The end.
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