Documentaires. Morgat et ses Grottes.

Title: Documentaires. Morgat et ses Grottes.
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Documentaries. Morgat and its Caves.
In the beautiful Bay of Douanenez, harbored behind the Cape of the Goat ... extends like a beautiful calm lake the Cove of Morgat, one of the most picturesque of the coast of Brittany. The sea bristles and turns white against the multitude of reefs. The deep caves are cut by the flooding of live rock. These caverns are only accesible by boat. The savage ocean has shredded these granite promontories. The dislocated rocks have extraordinary shapes. The persistent flow cuts deep narrow gorges. Finished with their hard work, the fishermen prepare to return home. On the shore the fishermen prepare the filets as they sing an old naïve song. The beach of Morgat, with its white fine sand, is one of the prettiest of the littoral zone. At sunset the sea calms down and delivers to the shore its monotonous complaint. The end.
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