Koenigsmark. Partie 1. La Grde Dutchsse de Lautenbou.

Title: Koenigsmark. Partie 1. La Grde Dutchsse de Lautenbou.
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Koenigsmark. Part 1. The Grand Duchess of Lautenbourg.
Koenigsmark by Pierre Benoit, director Leonce Perret. First chapter: The Great Duchess of Lautenbourg. Miss Huguette Duflos of the Comedie Francaise as Princess Aurore Tumene. Her father, the Prince Tumene, is the strongest lord in the government of Astrakan. My daughter, I am speaking to you earnestly. What are you plotting against me? His majesty gave me the honor of offering your hand to his highness the Grand Duke Rudolph of Lautenbourg. To him, whose nose resembles a lobster with saffron? ... So what, I don't want to marry. Think about it! You could be queen; I arranged for the Grand Duke to be your knight at the hunt tomorrow. You can count on me to be disgusted by this Saxon who came to find an heiress in Russia. The hunt. The Duke Fredereick-August, youngest son of the queen of Megrania, an energetic and despotic character. Rudolph, his eldest brother, sweet and conciliatory, is the direct heir to the throne of Megrania. Mademoiselle, I've had a beautiful dream, may I be hopeful? Don't dream sir, happiness for me is independence. Aurore, having noticed that Rudolph's horse jumps poorly, amused herself by riding ahead of it. Poor friend, you are going to laugh soon, when you jump over the hedges. Responsible for the accident of the Grand Duke, Aurore made a decision which all the world's kings could not hold back. Sir, the Czar, the Kaiser, and the empresses all approve of our marriage, and besides, I broke your leg. I'd gladly respond to my father's vow, but with one condition . . . Give me your word of honor that our union will be only a pact of friendship. I would not want anything except for what you yourself would consent to give me. See the rest in, No. 2.
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