Koenigsmark. Partie 1. La Grde Dutchsse de Lautenbou.

Title: Koenigsmark. Partie 1. La Grde Dutchsse de Lautenbou.
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Koenigsmark. Part 1. The Grand Duchess of Lautenbourg.
Koenigsmark, the Grand Duchess of Lautenbourg, No. 2 (continuation). The wedding. The blessing. The receptions. Aided in his designs by the Baron of Boose, Frederick-August, who desires the throne of Megrania, tried to cancel his brother's wedding. We couldn't stop the marriage of your brother with Princess Aurore, but ... I understand you Boose, but in the meantime, if my brother disappears, his widow shall nevertheless remain the reigning Grand Duchess. Yes, but to become queen of Megrania she would have to remarry, and who would be a better one than you, you, Frederic of Lautenbourg, as successor to your brother? Time passed, and it neither lessened Rudolphe's passion nor vanquish Aurore's indifference. This miniature was not meant for you, but if you like it, I'll give it to you. His majesty charged me with a mission in Cameroon, but I wanted to consult you before deciding. My dear Rudolphe, I call on your knowledge and on your devotion; could you make arrangements to go to Cameroon and verify its mining wealth? What do you want to do? The wishes of the king are orders . . . I know it's sometimes painful to obey them. The departure at night. The Baron of Boose accompanied the Grand Duke to Cameroon. A voice, pure like the frozen water of a stream, chanted the Romance of Ilse, the prettiest of the "Reisebilder." "The dead are dead and it is only those who are alive who live, and I am pretty and blooming, my heart laughs and throbs." See the rest in no. 3.
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