Koenigsmark. Partie 1. La Grde Dutchsse de Lautenbou.

Title: Koenigsmark. Partie 1. La Grde Dutchsse de Lautenbou.
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Koenigsmark. Part 1. The Grand Duchess of Lautenbourg.
Koenigsmark, the Grand Duchess of Lautenbourg, No. 4 (continuation). Winter passed by, and the Grand Duchess held herself resposible for Rudolphe's death, and became gravely ill. Called to the court of Lautenbourg as tutor to Duke Joachim, the poet Vignerte used his spare time to study the history of Hanover. He has not seen the Grand Duchess since his arrival and was waiting anxiously to be presented to her. One day ... I read one of your books, "The Roses of Life." Your name was familiar to me, I had read some of your poems during my stay in Paris. "The power of love is never balanced, one heart delivers itself to another and dies scorned." "Then it is around the arrogant heart, proud and free, To incur the contempt that shatters the other." Madame, if you have access to His Highness, may I hope that you would talk to him about this book . . . you are his reader, perhaps? No sir, I do not read to His Highness, but I could take this book to those who can read it. This encounter left a deep impression on Vignerte. After the death of Stephen II the crown of Megrania came to Grand Duchess Aurore. The end of a dream. The lieutenant of Hagen, officer of the Order of the Queen. See the rest in no. 5.
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