Koenigsmark. Partie 2. Le Secret de Koenigsmark.

Title: Koenigsmark. Partie 2. Le Secret de Koenigsmark.
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Koenigsmark. Part 2. The Secret of Koenigsmark.
Koenigsmark, after the novel by Pierre Benoit, staged by Leon Perret: Second Chapter: The Secret of Koenigsmark. Madame Huguette Duflos of the Comedie Francaise in the role of the Grand Duchess Aurore, Queen of Megrania. In love with the Queen, Raoul Vignerte, tutor to the young Prince Joachim, tries to forget his inaccessible idol through his studies. This is how he discovers, behind the fake chimney in the armory, a skeleton. He comes to the queen to announce his tragic discovery. A skeleton in the chimney? That's not surprising, this castle is more than two hundred years old! Also, it wasn't the presence of this skeleton itself that troubled me as much as this medallion I found next to it. This medallion belonged to Grand Duke Rudolph, I gave it to him myself! It's impossible! ... He died in Cameroon! . . . At Sanghor! One person could hallucinate, but two persons - - that's unlikely; I will see you tonight at 11:00 in the armory . . . It will be the moment where you show me your knowledge of secret locks. Agreed? I sensed a presence behind us . . . No one may know that we know this formidable secret! I've been spying on Vignerte as you have ordered and he knows the secret of the chimney. This young man is playing a dangerous game . . . So much for him. See the rest in, No. 2.
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