Koenigsmark. Partie 2. Le Secret de Koenigsmark.

Title: Koenigsmark. Partie 2. Le Secret de Koenigsmark.
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Koenigsmark. Part 2. The Secret of Koenigsmark.
Koenigsmark, 2nd Chapter: The Secret of Koenigsmark, No. 5. The fire from last night is vanquished, a pink sun rises over Koenigsmark. The rivalry between Vignerte and lieutenant Hagen did not escape the queen's notice. I would have the pleasure of showing you, Mr. Vignerte, that I prefer putting bullets in my revolver than to playing you in tennis. Lieutenant, you know that an officer of the 7th Hussars may not go to battle without obtaining the Colonel's permission. If this is your way, Mr. Vignerte, of showing me the devotion you have been harping on, then I find it mediocre! But still, you are a stranger, and thus you are excused for not knowing the local laws for duels. But you, lieutenant, you know them! You go back home; in consideration of your services, I limit your punishment to two weeks of arrest. See the rest in no. 6.
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