Koenigsmark. Partie 2. Le Secret de Koenigsmark.

Title: Koenigsmark. Partie 2. Le Secret de Koenigsmark.
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Koenigsmark. Part 2. The Secret of Koenigsmark.
Koenigsmark, 2nd Chapter: The Secret of Koenigsmark, No. 6. Since the scene of the duel, the Queen refused to speak to Vignerte, who came to ask for pardon. You know, Mr. Vignerte, that you embarked on a remarkable history? And you? Me, it's different, I'm fighting for my liberty, which is more to me than my life. But you, my friend, think about the Grand Duke Rudolph, the Baron of Boose ... why, what are you sacrificing yourself for? Don't you know it? Lieutenant de Hagen . . . do you know that only one thing, only one, can stop the arrests that I inflicted? I know what it is, Your Highness, and it is one thing: WAR! And the Grand Duke, Lieutenant, surely charged you with with advising me of these important news? Excuse me . . . Mr. Vignerte is French, and moreover, as officer, I am charged with arresting him. And you thought for a minute that I would let him be imprisoned?! Lieutenant de Hagen, one day, four years ago, you played, you cheated, it was your dishonor, your death . . . The next day your debts were payed, the affair was hushed up, and I took you as an officer by decree. On the other hand, Mr. Vignerte saved my life and risked his own. And now it is the man who owes me everything who comes to arrest the man to whom I owe everything! What do you want me to do? Order me and I'll obey! Take out the gray car, full of gas, and with the lights off, it is now twenty to nine, meet me at ten to. See the rest in no. 7.
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