Grand Prix de l'A.C.F. 1923.

Title: Grand Prix de l'A.C.F. 1923.
Translated Title: 
Grand Prix of the A.C.F. 1923.
Grand Prix of the A.C.F. Tours 1923. The Circuit. The Start-off. The turn of the Membrolle. In the curve of the twins. At the turn of Pilori. Duray's car broke down and he had to push it. Across the village of Semblancay. Friedrich missed a turn. Hemery refueling. Passing Bordino at 197 kilometers per hour. At the turn of Noue Guerinet. In front of the stands. The winner, the Englishman Seagrave having completed 799.050 kilometers in 6 hours 35 minutes 19 3/5 seconds (averaging 121.400 kilometers per hour). Second, Divo. Third, Friedrich. The English cars came 1st, 2nd, and 4th. END