En Bretagne. Audierne et la pointe du Raz

Title: En Bretagne. Audierne et la pointe du Raz
Translated Title: 
In Brittany. Audierne and the Pointe du Raz.
In Brittany: Audierne and the pointe du Raz. Audierne has a small yet active port aniamted by the coming and going of fishing ships. The port of Audierne is full of ships that fish for sardines, macquarel, sole, and lobster. The Wharves at sunset. The return of the first ships, at sunset. From Audierne, one tavels to the Pointe du Raz, which presents a grandiose drift of crystal rocks, 80 meters tall, pierced by fissures and chasms. To the south is a chasm known as Plogoff's Inferno, where the always furious waves deliver blows to the rock incessantly. In the distance one can see the Isle of Sein which continues a chain of reefs that go far into the ocean, signaled by the lighthouse of Ar-men, placed at the farthest point. Going further north we encounter the bay of Trepasses, where the sea is grandiose and terrible during storms. Breaking the entire wave herds of pointy pitfalls show their black heads surrounded by foam. END