Le Droit a la Vie, No. 1

Title: Le Droit a la Vie, No. 1
Translated Title: 
The Right to Life, No. 1
"I wish, before I die, to eat to the last crumbs of my supper." (Shakespeare). Pierre Veryal; the youngest and most astonishing financier in Paris. (Mr. Vermoyal). His two advisors: Jaques Altery (Mr. Mathot) … and Marc Toln (Mr. Paulais). Andrée Mael. Dear Mr. Erbanes, my secretary, Mr. Altery is leaving for Santiago today, with all my powers in order to take surveys in my mines. Can you please make the appropriate personnel available to him in order for this work to be completed without a delay so he can return back here in three months. Sincerely, P. Veryal. - De Beers asks for 415. You earned more than 600.000 francs in your position of 309 … Do you agree? ... - No! … - Time is money, Jacques, get ready to leave and don't speak of this. A pleasant surprise was waiting for the young girl. To the most beautiful rose in France - Your old friend. See more on Number 2.
Series Title: 
Le Droit a la Vie
Translated Series Title: 
The Right to Life
Series Subtitle: 
The Right to Life