Le Droit a la Vie, No. 4

Title: Le Droit a la Vie, No. 4
Translated Title: 
The Right to Life, No. 4
Andree, very happily, went to the telephone. - Is that … you … Mr. Pierre? - What happened? Grandmother is no longer alive? ... - Be brave, my young girl, earlier … in the garden … an embolism … Hello! .. .Hello! … Keep track of the time Jacques …. You have just enough time to make your train …. Madam, commissioned by Mr. Veryal for an important task, I am going to spend three months out of the country, hoping to return with enough wealth to ask you for your granddaughter's hand in marriage. If until now I have left Andree unaware of my feelings and my desire to marry her, I must be alone to suffer in case I fail in my attempt. See more on Number 5.
Series Title: 
Le Droit a la Vie
Translated Series Title: 
The Right to Life
Series Subtitle: 
The Right to Life