Le Droit a la Vie, No. 9

Title: Le Droit a la Vie, No. 9
Translated Title: 
The Right to Life, No. 9
Married. Ms. Andree Mael. 5, Rue de Lodi, Paris. Follow the Chateaux des Marches-Etampes. I'm alive, my dear Andree. Your respectful friend, J. Altery. I've returned and I am rich. It was for you that I left, it was for you that I desired wealth. And now I dare to express my love so profound and so hidden. Andree, will you be my wife? See more on Number 10.
Series Title: 
Le Droit a la Vie
Translated Series Title: 
The Right to Life
Series Subtitle: 
The Right to Life