Le Droit a la Vie, No. 11

Title: Le Droit a la Vie, No. 11
Translated Title: 
The Right to Life, No. 11
Veryal, a ruthless tyrant, did not suffer as his wife was missing. My wife isn't there? Regrets in the melancholy evening. They had love too noble to betray. Close to death. Go on Doctor, the truth? It does not scare me. How much longer do I have to live? Fifteen days, a month? Yes, you lost two months, three months … maybe more, it's my responsibility to tell you. Someone close to you can contract your disease, you must be courageous and stay away from your wife immediately. Her life is at risk. That same day, Veryal made an irrevocable decision. - Stop all of my accounts, liquidate my fortune, and starting tomorrow, make me go to a dazzling party each night, I want to get as much joy as possible from what's left of my life. See more on Number 12.
Series Title: 
Le Droit a la Vie
Translated Series Title: 
The Right to Life
Series Subtitle: 
The Right to Life