Le Droit a la Vie, No. 12

Title: Le Droit a la Vie, No. 12
Translated Title: 
The Right to Life, No. 12
Calvary. - I have news for you to tell Andree ... I'm leaving in a few months for a long … very long trip, and I would like, up until I leave, I want her to be close to me. If you have any power over that young girl prevent her, delicately, from the danger she is in, because I fear the selfishness of her husband … Poor young girl. Tell Mr. Veryal that I'm waiting for him over here. - Sir, I came to criticize the indignity of your conduct. - Who told you that Andree does not know the danger she exposes herself to and does not see the point in running the risk. - She does not love you. Only a true love could inspire this supreme sacrifice … She does not love you! - Your pity leads you astray, and your efforts confirm the suspicions I've had about your feelings, and your interested sighs. - I would give my life to save hers. But your criminal selfishness forced me to her life like people defend a victim from a criminal. - Murderer! See more on Number 13.
Series Title: 
Le Droit a la Vie
Translated Series Title: 
The Right to Life
Series Subtitle: 
The Right to Life