Les Etoiles de Mer et l'Oursin - Oceanographie

Title: Les Etoiles de Mer et l'Oursin - Oceanographie
Translated Title: 
The Starfish and the Urchin - Oceanography
The Starfish and the Urchin. These echinoderms are invertebrates whose best known specimen is the Urchin. The Stichope. It's skin is very thick and contractile, it crawls by means of its suckers. The Asterie or the Starfish. Some species possess up to twenty arms. Very greedy, it feeds on mollusks. The Brittle Star. His arms are simply locomotive organs, as he crawls from the funds and does not swim. The Ophyoglypha lacertosa. This invertebrate with smooth tiger skin is one of the most elegant species. The Comatule. Its food consists of small animal organisms it encounters brought to its mouth by its tentacles. All echinoderms live in sea water. The end.