Henri IV (1er chapitre) Le Siège de paris

Title: Henri IV (1er chapitre) Le Siège de paris
Translated Title: 
Henry IV (1st Chapter), The Siege of Paris
The wars continued. Henry of Navarre, now Henry IV, was preparing to fight a decisive battle around Ivry. - Keep your ranks, and follow behind my white plume! You will always find it on the path of honor and of victory! - Long live King Henry! In his castle at Montrichard, close to Vendome, the Duke of Mendoza … celebrates the engagement of his daughter Dolores (Ms. Renee Herbiel) … to the Count Louis Gonzague, one of the leaders of "the League" (Mr. de Guingand). Two companions inseparable from Dolores: her honorary bridesmaid Concepcion … (Ms. Madeleine Erickson) … and the Tia, or chaperone. The Duchess of Montpensier, honored the ceremony with her presence, intended to strengthen ties between Spain and the League. - So, the King of Spain has decided to support the League? - And he'll send reinforcements to finish off the Bearnais. - I'm waiting for a message that must let me know the plans of the King of Spain. The Pavane. - A message just informed us that Mayenne was just beaten at Ivry, by the Bearnais. - We must return to Paris, before the Bearnais reaches there … lose Paris, and we'll lose the war. - We will leave at dawn. - I'm thinking about the dangers you will run into while fighting those ferocious and barbarious heretics. See more on Number 4.
Series Title: 
Henri IV
Translated Series Title: 
Henry IV
Series Subtitle: 
Henry IV