Henri IV (1er chapitre) Le Siège de paris

Title: Henri IV (1er chapitre) Le Siège de paris
Translated Title: 
Henry IV (1st Chapter), The Siege of Paris
… in these ruins, a man lives as a reprobate, hiding his name and his origin from everyone. It was Ruggieri, former astrologist for Queen Catherine de Medecis. Nightmare … -The Queen Catherine de Medecis! Why has she left her tomb? - Ruggieri, you have betrayed me. - You had sworn to take revenge on Henry de Navarre, that accursed Huguenot! - I can't do anything against fate! The stars are favorable to the Bearnais! - Remember this, Ruggieri … if the Bearnais does not disappear, it's you who will perish! Delores of Mendoza hastened to rejoin her father in Paris. Ruggieri questioned the mysterious injured man that he had seen. - I was attacked by bandits. - If you are a Catholic, you will complete the mission entrusted to me by … to his lordship, the Duke of Mendoza. See more on Number 5.
Series Title: 
Henri IV
Translated Series Title: 
Henry IV
Series Subtitle: 
Henry IV