Henri IV (1er chapitre) Le Siège de paris

Title: Henri IV (1er chapitre) Le Siège de paris
Translated Title: 
Henry IV (1st Chapter), The Siege of Paris
Henry IV, 1st chapter, Siege of Paris, No. 7. In the Chateau of Loges. The coach was repaired ... the noblewomen could leave at dawn ... Don't you recognize this coat of arms? The coat of arms of Mendoza! Sire, an urgent note ... Sire, God sent you a hostage that you couldn't have dreamed to ask for. So you advise me to take that young woman as a prisoner? Sire, you don't have the right to let yourself soften … I don't like to make war on women. Let it be Sully, we shall follow your wishes. Why did you not tell me the truth, Dolores de Mendoza? So you are the daughter of my nemesis! Crillon, my friend, would keep these women under your watch? Sir! We are going get hanged! See the end in No. 8.
Series Title: 
Henri IV
Translated Series Title: 
Henry IV
Series Subtitle: 
Henry IV