Henri IV (2e chapitre) Ruggieri et la Montpensier

Title: Henri IV (2e chapitre) Ruggieri et la Montpensier
Translated Title: 
Henry IV (2nd Chapter), Ruggieri and the Montpensier
Henry IV, 2nd chapter, Ruggieri and the Montpensier, No. 2. At the Chateau of Loges. - Don't you know that I always wear a chainmail? - Why would you like to kill me? - What are you going to do with me? - Your Book of Hours will dictate your sentence! Pardon your enemies, so that much will be pardoned to you. - Dolores de Mendoza, you are free! - Accept this present, sire! An emblem of faith and love that unites all Christians. Watch the rest in No. 3
Series Title: 
Henri IV
Translated Series Title: 
Henry IV
Series Subtitle: 
Henry IV