Henri IV (2e chapitre) Ruggieri et la Montpensier

Title: Henri IV (2e chapitre) Ruggieri et la Montpensier
Translated Title: 
Henry IV (2nd Chapter), Ruggieri and the Montpensier
Henry IV, 2nd chapter, Ruggieri and the Montpensier, No. 6. The inhabitants of Paris began to resent the hardships of the siege. The arrival of a convoy of foodstuffs caused riots. - Bread! - Bread! - Patience! The King of Spain is sending us reinforcements! - After all, Bearnais is worth it for your King of Spain! The Bearnais is an Huguenot! - Yes, but he's French! In his tower, Ruggieri proposed to the Montpensier a means to kill Henry IV. - Don't you know that Cathrine de' Medici had charged me already with taking gloves, which I personally perfumed, to Jeanne d'Albert, the mother of Bearnais! - The next day, Jeanne d'Albert passed away! - This is a corrosive liquid which I would like to mix a bit with crushed glass! - I am going to lightly coat the interior of these gloves with this mixture. - But why all these preparations ... Is it for ... Bearnais? Watch the rest in No. 7.
Series Title: 
Henri IV
Translated Series Title: 
Henry IV
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Henry IV