Henri IV (3e chapitre) Le Grand Inquisiteur d'Espagne

Title: Henri IV (3e chapitre) Le Grand Inquisiteur d'Espagne
Translated Title: 
Henry IV (3rd Chapter), The Grand Inquisitor of Spain
Henry IV, 3rd chapter, The Grand Inquisitor of Spain, No. 3. In front of the tribunal of the Inquisition, Ruggieri accuses Mendoza of treason. - Do not listen to this rascal! His mouth only opens for lying and fraud. It would be easy to capture the Bearnais - he loves the Duke's daughter and had a letter sent to her. - This man suggests a felony that would soil the name of Mendoza. - Only the triumph of the cause matters! Let me see your daughter. The Grand Inquisitor imposed his will on Dolores. - You received a letter from the Bearnais, give it to me! - Here it is … only a simple quatrain. My Love: In war, I only have/One Kingdom to win/But over the entire Earth/Your eyes should reign. The Grand Inquisitor knew how to find a way to terrorize the young maiden. - Your father has betrayed his faith! If you refuse to write what I dictate, I shall defer to the tribunal of the Inquisition. Write! ... My dear Sire, - I shall be Sunday midnight at the intersection of the routes of Boulogne and Suresnes … come join me there, Dolores. Watch the rest in No. 4.
Series Title: 
Henri IV
Translated Series Title: 
Henry IV
Series Subtitle: 
Henry IV