Henri IV (3e chapitre) Le Grand Inquisiteur d'Espagne

Title: Henri IV (3e chapitre) Le Grand Inquisiteur d'Espagne
Translated Title: 
Henry IV (3rd Chapter), The Grand Inquisitor of Spain
Henry IV, 3rd chapter, The Grand Inquisitor of Spain, No. 4. Henry IV could not stop thinking about Dolores. - Sire, an enemy messenger caught at the front would like to speak to you. - Here is what he carried. - It's the book of Dolores. I would like to see this man at once. Dolores prayed with all her soul to save Henry of Navarre. My dear Sire, I shall be Sunday midnight at the intersection of the routes of Boulogne and Suresnes … come join me there, Dolores. The King himself interrogated the messenger. - Who gave you this book and this letter? - It's Miss Mendoza. Falling into a trap, Henry IV accepted the rendezvous proposed in the letter. My Love. I accept the rendezvous you proposed; your slave kisses your hands, Henry. - This man is free. Watch the rest in No. 5.
Series Title: 
Henri IV
Translated Series Title: 
Henry IV
Series Subtitle: 
Henry IV